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[2021-01-25 05:24 +0100] WIP DuckCorp Infrastructure> work
[2021-01-25 05:24 +0100] NEWS DuckCorp Infrastructure> work
[2021-01-24 18:56 +0100] WIP DuckCorp Infrastructure> Revision cec30b29 (duckcorp-infra): dns: use Bind 9.16 with KASP
[2021-01-24 08:40 +0100] WIP DuckCorp Infrastructure> Revision 2c15a5e4 (ansible-role-apt): bare vars variables conditionals are deprecated
[2021-01-24 08:18 +0100] WIP DuckCorp Infrastructure> Revision 1e667f42 (ansible-role-network_config): bare vars variables conditionals are deprecated
[2021-01-21 23:11 +0100] WIP DuckCorp Infrastructure> Revision 86dcbc52 (duckcorp-infra): dns: use Bind 9.16 with KASP
[2021-01-21 23:11 +0100] WIP DuckCorp Infrastructure> Revision 09247f8e (duckcorp-infra): Update accounts info
[2021-01-21 09:24 +0100] WIP DuckCorp Infrastructure> Revision c6c445b1 (duckcorp-infra): matrix: update settings
[2021-01-21 09:20 +0100] WIP DuckCorp Infrastructure> Revision 05b32c43 (duckcorp-infra): matrixonweb: rename playbook
[2021-01-20 18:33 +0100] WIP DuckCorp Infrastructure> Revision 7e832d73 (duckcorp-infra): matrix: bridge a single test channel
Word from the Admin Team
[archives] « Small updates and Big Reboot planned »


Hope you are well. Despite this difficult time we’ve done some work but the announcement was delayed.


Well, it’s high time we finally do it. There was some concerns with GRUB recently, so it was delayed again but it’s really needed. I’ll try to do it next week and will be announcing status on IRC. The whole infra is concerned so I’ll roll things up one by one and will inform of the outages along with the announcement. If all goes well that will be brief.

Webmail and GPG

If you’re using the webmail to send encrypted mails, we’ve been upgrading the software and signing (and signature verification) is now working fine too.


We had a bunch of spammers dumping nasty things earlier this year. We loaded new plugins in the IRC software to ease filtering them out but it caused some disruption, sorry for that.

IRC on Web was upgraded and the UI had several problems fixed and some missing functions added.


Public-facing services now all use Let’s Encrypt, there is no need to import DC’s custom CA anymore. We are working to add DANE support to more services (currently only SMTP) as a secondary method to validate you’re going to the right machine.


In Stuffcloud Talk the TURN/STUN server was not working well, is ti now fixed.

The MineTest server was unused for some time and was removed.

Be safe. _o<


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