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[2019-05-03 07:49 +0200] DONE DuckCorp Infrastructure> Enhancement #649 (Resolved): TOPT for Roundcube
[2019-05-03 07:48 +0200] WIP DuckCorp Infrastructure> Revision 50464ce9 (duckcorp-infra): enable TOTP
[2019-05-03 06:33 +0200] WIP DuckCorp Infrastructure> Bug #596 (Blocked): Bring back Supervision
[2019-05-03 06:30 +0200] WIP DuckCorp Infrastructure> Enhancement #649 (Resolved): TOPT for Roundcube
[2019-05-02 16:50 +0200] WIP DuckCorp Infrastructure> Enhancement #537: Toushirou and Orfeo would like a brand new body
[2019-05-02 16:48 +0200] DONE DuckCorp Infrastructure> Enhancement #616 (Resolved): Configure /etc/udev/rules.d/70-persistent-net.rules
[2019-05-02 16:41 +0200] WIP DuckCorp Infrastructure> Revision c16a1afc (duckcorp-infra): Toushirou-NG: ready for production
[2019-04-29 09:14 +0200] WIP DuckCorp Infrastructure> Revision 67b2d00d (duckcorp-infra): doc/ips: we are not IPv6 broker anymore
[2019-04-25 16:39 +0200] WIP DuckCorp Infrastructure> Bug #646: restrict LDAP service accounts
[2019-04-25 16:33 +0200] WIP DuckCorp Infrastructure> Revision e323275b (duckcorp-infra): [EXPERIMENTAL] restrict LDAP service accounts auth by IP
Word from the Admin Team
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Hardware Migration

Toushirou will be migrated on 2019-05-04. The replacement should start around 09:00 CET.

Earlier in the morning SSH user logins will be denied and all user session stopped, so please stop any script or connection you may have the day before to be sure.

When the dispatched team is ready to make the switch, all services will be shutdown and a final synchronization of all data will be done. It may take some time to change the harware and check network and remote access. We’ll check all services shortly after that. Exact timing and notifications will be given on IRC on #MilkyPond. You’re also welcome to follow technical discussions on #DuckCorp.

Wiki Migration

The wiki has successfully been migrated.



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