Before contacting us, please ensure your request is wise and legitimate.

Need Sponsoring ?

Considering that:

  • you are an individual or association
  • you need services for a not-for-profit activity
  • this activity is legal
  • this activity does not need or involve proprietary softwares

Then you may apply for a sponsoring, so we can discuss what we can do for you.

Need Assistance about a Public Service ?

If you need more information about a public service, or you are having technical problems using it, you can contact us.

Need Assistance about a Member Service ?

You need to be a registered user first; if not, you probably want to request a sponsoring or report an abuse instead. If you are one, you can contact the Admin Team and ask for help.

Reporting an Abuse ?

One of our service, or one of our users through our services, is causing trouble ? Then send us a detailed abuse report.


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