Our Story

DuckCorp started in a student house in 2000, as a mere informational website, which quickly evolved towards providing useful computer services to the emerging network. Several years later, DuckCorp began to acquire its own infrastructure, found sponsors, and continued its mission over the Internet. Since then, it is growing slowly, providing various services to its users.

Our Mission

DuckCorp’s main goals are:

  • provide non-profit computer services, using Free Softwares, for individuals and non-profit associations
  • contribute to and promote Free Softwares
  • be an Open Infrastructure: be transparent to our users and share infrastructure solutions
  • protect ducks all over the world of course ;-)

Unlike nice projects like TuxFamily, we do not target mass-hosting, but custom needs instead.

Our Services

DuckCorp provides a wide range of services for Communication, Sharing. DNS/Mail/Web hosting, Development… and we are open to suggestion.

Our Resources

DuckCorp currently owns:

  • 2 servers in different datacenters
  • 2 VDS @ Hivane
  • 2+ VDS behind home fiber links

We are helped a lot by several sponsors:

  • Hivane (connectivity and other services)
  • Nerim (past VDS / other services / hosting)
  • anonymous sponsor (hosting)
  • mmenal (past VDS)
  • arnau (past VDS)
  • pilou (VDS)

and partners:

  • RtpNet (past shared projects and services)
  • T1R (was in the MilkyPond project)


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Special Support

  • FSF Member Logo
  • DUC Logo


  • Hivane
  • Nerim