Participate in Our Infrastructure

We are an Open Infrastructure and welcome contributions to our services:

  • ideas
  • documentation
  • scripts, deployment rules…

You can find more information on:

Make a Donation

We have various regular and exceptional expenses and we’d like to improve our services and their reliability. You may help us by making a donation.

Be a Sponsor

We welcome Housing, Hardware, or Bandwidth contributions.

General conditions:

  • the sponsor conditions must not conflict with our goals and values
  • the sponsor must not interfere in any way in the administration or content (the sponsor is not root, nor a member of the Admin Team; advice and opinions are welcome though)
  • the sponsor must give at least one full month advance warning before shutting down the sponsorship (except if technically impossible)
  • the sponsor must not alter network traffic in any any (shaping, port restrictions…); if a specific traffic is undesirable or happens to cause problems, please say so

Contact us and state your own conditions clearly to check if this would be possible.


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